CASH & CLINE SHOW - Lisa Irion - Patsy Cline Tribute Artist - Patsy Cline Impersonator - Patsy Cline Tribute Show

Tribute To
Patsy Cline
Starring Lisa Irion
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Take  a journey back to when Country Music and its Artists seemed a little  more true and genuine. “CASH & CLINE…COUNTRY ROYALTY” brings  together a tribute to two of the most influential and legendary Artists  of all time…JOHNNY CASH and PATSY CLINE! Bennie Wheels (Johnny Cash) is  referred by many to be the #1 tribute to Cash working today. With his  easy going nature, deep bass-baritone vocals and commanding stage  presence, Bennie brings back the image and spirit of The Man In Black in  his Folsom Prison prime! For over 11 years, Bennie Wheels has taken his  hit tribute show, “Walkin’ The Line” across the country…and has also  worked in many other multi-artist “Legends” type productions. Lisa Irion  (Patsy Cline) is an acclaimed singer, actress and tribute artist. Also  known as one of the world’s top Cher tribute performers, Lisa portrays  Patsy Cline with the utmost respect and authenticity. Recently, Lisa has  also starred in a production of “Always Patsy Cline” to sell-out shows  in her home state of Louisiana. With her look, costumes, and the smooth,  resonating beauty in her voice…Lisa Irion will have you believing that  Patsy Cline herself has returned for one more performance! This amazing  show is backed by the incomparable WALKIN' THE LINE band, a group  of true professionals who pride themselves on performing the music  exactly the
way you love and remember it.
“CASH & CLINE” will  put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, and memories of a better  time of music in your heart!
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August 23, 2018 CASH & CLINE
LIBERTY HALL     Tyler, TX     7:00 p.m.
August 24, 2018  CASH & CLINE
GRANBURY LIVE  Granbury, TX  7:30 p.m.

August 25, 2018  CASH & CLINE
Lisa Irion
(337) 298-8346
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