"You SOUND just like her! I'm telling her about you tomorrow when I see her in Vegas."”

— MARK SCHULMAN - Cher's Drummer, commenting to Lisa after watching her performance on backstage screen at a corporate event in Orlando.


Lisa Irion - Tribute to Cher


Lisa is a seasoned character actress, and is recognized as one of the world's foremost Cher Impersonators and Cher Tribute Artists, dazzling audiences with her audience interactive, live vocal performances in spectacular costume replicas from Cher's concert tours.  Lisa has been performing as Cher since 2003 at casinos, theaters, high end corporate and private events across the USA and internationally.

Her performance as Cher has been filmed by and shown on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO , the RACHEL RAY SHOW, and LIFETIME TV. She was featured as Cher in a Channel 5 British TV show starring British television personality, Justin Lee Collins, who commented, "The best Cher impersonator of the day was this one (Lisa).  She's so much like the real thing, surely only Cher's mother could tell them apart" .  She worked an event with Cher's drummer, Mark Schulman, and after her performance, he met her backstage, gave her a "high five" and said, "You sound just like her!  I'm telling her about you tomorrow when I see her in Vegas."

She was interviewed by and articles about her impersonation were published in the NEW YORK TIMES , Washington D.C.'s WILSON QUARTERLY, and Singapore's ELECTRIC NEW PAPER.  Her before and after makeup transformation into Cher with her tips for aspiring tribute artists was featured in MORE magazine.  

Corporate clients include prominent multinational companies such as Cisco Systems, American Airlines and Hilton Worldwide.

Lisa is based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Lisa Irion as Cher - Studio

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